Organizations that are awarded a Science on Screen grant must agree to the following requirements:

  • Your organization must produce a minimum of three Science on Screen (SoS) events during the course of the grant period (upcoming season: October 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023).
  • One of the films shown must be an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Festival award recipient or a film developed by Sloan through its film development pipeline. Full list here.
  • As noted in the application guidelines, grant recipients are required to professionally videotape one Science on Screen presentation and deliver it to the Coolidge via Dropbox for use on SoS-related media sites.
  • Please ensure that the speakers for your three screenings sign a release form (a sample form will be sent as an attachment to your grant notification e-mail). You will be asked to submit your release forms and edited footage along with your final report.
  • A final evaluation report (narrative and budget) is a condition of this grant. The deadline for this report is July 13, 2023. We will send report guidelines prior to the date.
  • This program must be referred to as Science on Screen®. The “®” [registered trademark] symbol need not appear everywhere; as a general guideline, in each marketing piece, you should use the symbol with either the first use or the most prominent use of the mark.
  • You will be provided with an official Science on Screen logo, which must be used on all promotional materials (print and online).
  • You must acknowledge the Coolidge Corner Theatre and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation on all marketing materials using the following language:

    An initiative of the COOLIDGE CORNER THEATRE, with major support from the ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION.
  • Our National Evening of Science on Screen garners significant media attention for participating cinemas. Participation in this event is strongly encouraged but not mandatory.