This grant is open to US-based nonprofit art house cinemas and museums with film programs. Current and previous grantees are eligible to reapply.

Please note: We do not fund film festivals. 

Application fees

There is no application fee.


Please send all completed application materials to info@scienceonscreen.org by July 20, 2018, with the subject line "2018-19 SoS application: [your organization's name]"

All applicants will receive a response via email no later than September 14, 2018.

Application checklist

Grant applications must include the following items:

Application form

All applicants must complete the 2018−19 Science on Screen application form. (The form is also available as a PDF here, for reference.)

Please use the following convention to name your application form:
[Your organization's name]_2018-19_SoS_application
(e.g. Coolidge_Corner_2018-19_SoS_application)

Samples of past successful press/marketing campaign

If you would like to include press clippings or promotional materials as separate files rather than links within your application form, simply attach the documents to the email when you submit your application. Be sure to include your organization's name first in the filenames of all documents you submit (e.g. Coolidge_Corner_promotional_postcard). 

Curriculum vita(e)/bios of key staff 

If you would like to include CVs or bios of key project staff as separate files instead of copying them into your application form, please list the staff in your application form and attach the supporting documents to your application email. Please include your organization's name first in the filenames (e.g. Coolidge_Corner_Kennedy_CV).

Program budget

All applicants must complete the 2018−19 Science on Screen proposed budget as part of their application. 

Please use the following convention to name your proposed budget:
[Your organization's name]_2018-19_SoS_proposed_budget 
(e.g. Coolidge_Corner_2018-19_SoS_proposed_budget)

Current operating budget

You can either paste a copy of your organization’s current operating budget into your application form or submit it as an attachment.

Tax-exempt determination letter from the IRS

Please include proof of your organization’s nonprofit status with this application.


If you have any questions about the application process or the application form itself, email info@scienceonscreen.org. We're happy to help you!