Ma Vie en Rose

A program pairing Belgian director Alain Berliner’s 1997 film about a young boy who is convinced he is a girl with a pre-screening talk by one of the world’s leading experts on gender variance and transgenderism in children.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

A program pairing the popular 1989 comedy about two time-traveling airheads with a presentation on the possibility of real-world time travel by an MIT physicist.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

A program pairing the fourth Star Trek feature film (popularly known as “the one with the whales”) with a presentation on the amazing underwater lives of humpback whales by a noted whale researcher and conservationist.

Young Frankenstein

A program pairing Mel Brooks’s hilarious reimagining of the Frankenstein legend with a presentation on bioelectricity by a developmental biologist. Together with her colleagues, this scientist is taking a centuries-old concept—bioelectricity—in exciting new directions.

The Wild Child

A program pairing Truffaut’s classic film with a presentation on language acquisition from a leader in the field who has worked extensively with deaf individuals and language isolates. Target audiences included foreign/French film enthusiasts, students and educators in the fields of linguistics, deaf studies, and American Sign Language, and deaf and hard of hearing individuals and advocates.

Babette’s Feast

A program pairing Gabriel Axel’s critically acclaimed film, in which food plays a major role, with a presentation on the science of taste by a food science professor who also serves as a science consultant to the venerable Cook’s Illustrated magazine (known for its scientific approach to cooking) and to the popular PBS show, America’s Test Kitchen.