Teknolust 2

Austin Film Society Austin, TX


Nancy Lyon

Director, Austin Community College Bioscience Incubator


Adrian Perez

Exhibit and Experience Design Manager, Austin Community College Make It Center

Teknolust— Indie science: Making tomorrow's mad scientists today

In a post-screening discussion, Nancy Lyon and Adrian Perez will give insight into what it’s like working in their labs today with the next generation of scientists. They’ll discuss who is working in these labs, what kind of projects are being conducted and the overall future of private non-corporate scientific inquiry.

Austin Film Society Austin, TX

Film Synopsis

A bio-geneticist has created a type of Self Replicating Automaton, which looks like a human being, but is in fact part machine and part living organism.

Anxious to use artificial life to improve the world, bio-geneticist Rosetta Stone (Tilda Swinton) downloads her own DNA into her computer and succeeds in breeding three Self Replicating Automatons that are part human, part intelligent machines. The SRAs act as 'portals' on the Internet, helping users to fulfill their dreams. Because they were bred only with Rosetta's DNA, they need the balance of a Y chromosome, or male sperm, to survive. This futuristic comedy puts a hilarious spin on contemporary advancements in science and technology.

About the Speaker

Nancy Lyon is the Interim Director of the Bioscience Incubator at Austin Community College. In this role, she works with entrepreneurs, economic development interests, faculty and other partners to support the biotech economy. With a degree in Microbiology from the University of Maryland, College Park, Nancy has been doing molecular biology research and managing labs for over 15 years. Nancy thrives in leadership roles but is also a team player who loves to help, teach and solve problems.

Adrian Perez is the Exhibit and Experience Design Manager at Austin Community College’s STEM-based career exploration lab, the Make It Center. He helps design Maker activities and exhibit experiences for prospective students across the greater Austin area – with a focus on Advanced Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Health Science, and more. Previously, Adrian was the Technology Librarian for the Austin Public Library. As Technology Librarian at the Central Library, he developed the library’s video platform and led the library’s technology programming – highlighting 3D printing, VR, AR, and other emerging technologies to the public. He has been recognized by the Urban Library Commission and Texas Library Association for innovation.