Grizzly  Man

Belcourt Theatre Nashville, TN


Dana Dodd

Executive Director, Appalachian Bear Rescue

Grizzly Man— Giving bears a second chance

Dana Dodd of Appalachian Bear Rescue will discuss the human impact on wildlife, our place in the local ecosystem, and how bear populations are having to adjust to climate change, development of wild spaces, and proximity to humans. She will also discuss the work her organization does in rehabilitating and reintroducing abandoned black bear cubs to the wild.

Belcourt Theatre Nashville, TN

Film Synopsis

A devastating and heartrending take on grizzly bear activists Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard, who were killed in October of 2003 while living among grizzlies in Alaska.

Grizzly Man chronicles the life and death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell, who was killed, along with his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, by a rogue bear in October 2003. In one of the most extreme—and ultimately tragic—experiments in human-animal cohabitation ever attempted, for 13 consecutive summers, Treadwell lived (and finally died) among the bears at an Alaskan national park. The footage that he himself shot forms the core of this fascinating inquiry into the fragile relationship between man and nature.

About the Speaker

Dana Dodd grew up in Middle Tennessee in Lawrence County and attended Vanderbilt University from 1982-1986. She graduated with a degree in mathematics. Dana spent 28 years with IBM in Nashville before leaving the corporate world in 2015. She served as president of the Board of Directors of the Appalachian Bear Rescue from January 2012 through January 2017. In January 2017, Dana accepted the executive director position for the organization and continues in that role today. The Appalachian Bear Rescue cares for orphaned and injured black bear cubs for return to their natural wild habitat; increases public awareness about co-existing with black bears; and studies all aspects of returning cubs to the wild.