Another body

Lawrence Arts Center Lawrence, KS


David Tamez

PhD candidate in Philosophy

Another Body— Fake images, real harms: A discussion of deepfake AI


Lawrence Arts Center Lawrence, KS

Film Synopsis

This documentary follows a college student's search for justice after she discovers deepfake pornography of herself circulating online.

    SXSW Special Jury Award-winning documentary Another Body follows American college student Taylor’s search for answers and justice after she discovers that the image of her face has been used without her consent in deepfake pornography. Alongside another student who has also been a deepfake target, the women take the investigation into their own hands, diving headfirst into the underground world of deepfake technology and discovering a growing culture of men terrorizing women—influencers, classmates, and friends. More than just a cautionary tale about misused technology and the toxicity of the online world, this documentary transforms the deepfake technology weaponized against Taylor into a tool that allows her to tell her story and reclaim her identity.

    Photo credit: Utopia Films

    About the Speaker

    David is a PhD candidate in Philosophy, studying normative theories of judicial decision-making and issues related to emerging technologies and privacy. Additionally, he also runs a public humanities/ philosophy initiative called Lawrence Talks. Through Lawrence Talks, David hopes to bridge the lived experiences of local community members with the theoretical research of KU scholars to issues relevant to the community. Currently, he is working as the Communications Specialist for the Insitute for Information Sciences.