Hsiang Chin Moe

Chair, BFA Animation Department, School of Visual Arts

Balam— Zeros and ones: Digital animation — a special FilmEd field trip

Hsiang-Chin Moe, a specialist in Digital Animation and the Chair of the School of Visual Arts BFA Animation Department, will join NYICFF for a Special FilmEd Field Trip screening of the Sloan-supported short film Balam and accompanying talk Zeros and Ones: Digital Animation.

Balam is an inventive digital animation short in which a young girl's very contemporary attachment to her phone screen is disrupted during a jungle adventure. From this inventive digital premise, students will learn about zeros and ones as the basis of digital computing, and get a look behind the scenes at how the magic of digital animation operates.

Film Synopsis

A young girl stumbles upon a mysterious lost Mayan city.

Itzel, a young girl of Mayan descent, goes on a camping trip deep in the jungle with her father. As they stargaze together, Itzel's curiosity leads her to a discovery she never could have anticipated, demonstrating the sophisticated understanding of astronomy of her ancient Mayan ancestors and her own bright future, where new discoveries await.

    About the Speaker

    Hsiang Chin Moe holds an MFA in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts and is the chair of SVA's BFA Animation Department. Her previous work at the New York Digital Salon and work with motion capture technologies at Untwist Technologies reflects a deep understanding of digital image making technologies and potential. Her work at SVA as chair and faculty and Chair of the Education Program, serving as one of the Board of Directors for WIA (Women in Animation), also reflects a commitment to expanding the diversity of the animation industry while upholding its excellence and pushing its technologic frontiers forward.