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Dr. Jay L. Banner

F.M. Bullard Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences; Director, Environmental Science Institute; University Distinguished Teaching Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Koyaanisqatsi— Brittle balance, big impact: Humankind vs. nature

Dr. Jay Banner discusses the impact of human beings on the global ecosystem.

Austin Film Society Austin, TX

Film Synopsis

A collection of expertly photographed phenomena with no conventional plot. The footage focuses on nature, humanity, and the relationship between them.

    Drawing its title from the Hopi word meaning "life out of balance," this renowned documentary reveals how humanity has grown apart from nature. Featuring extensive footage of natural landscapes and elemental forces, the film gives way to many scenes of modern civilization and technology. Given its lack of narration and dialogue, the production makes its points solely through imagery and music, with many scenes either slowed down or sped up for dramatic effect.

    Photo credit: New Cinema

    About the Speaker

    Jay Banner is the F. M. Bullard Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences in the Jackson School of Geosciences, and Director of the Environmental Science Institute. His research interests center on climate and hydrologic processes, how they are preserved in the geologic record, and how human activity affects the sustainability of water resources. His teaching interests include sustainability, environmental science, and environmental isotope geochemistry. K-12 and public outreach programs include the Hot Science-Cool Talks Outreach Series and the Scientist in Residence program, which partners STEM graduate-student researchers with K-12 teachers. Current and recent projects include Planet Texas 2050 and the Fourth National Climate Assessment.