Wild parrots of telegraph hill sos

Maine Film Center Waterville, ME


Herb Wilson

Professor Emeritus of Biology, Colby College

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill— Birds + our backyards

What does introducing a species to a habitat do? The influence of invasive species on global bird populations is profound and far-reaching. Delving into the specific instances of introduced bird species unveils a spectrum of impacts on ecosystems. From subtle alterations in some regions to significant disruptions in others, the consequences echo through local species and their habitats.

Maine Film Center Waterville, ME

Film Synopsis

A homeless musician finds meaning to his life when he starts a friendship with dozens of parrots.

    A homeless musician's life is transformed after he discovers a flock of wild South American parrots living in San Francisco. How they got there is a mystery, but Mark Bittner forms a bond with the exotic birds through his music and his patient, attentive care. Over time he comes to appreciate their individual identities and makes a case for humans to reevaluate their relationship to animals. When he is forced to leave them, he despairs over the birds' fate.

    About the Speaker

    Herb Wilson is a Professor Emeritus of Biology at Colby College where he taught Ornithology, Evolution and Diversity, Marine Ecology and Marine Invertebrate Zoology. For years he contributed a birding column to for the Portland Sunday Telegram and Portland Press Herald. His primary ornithological interests are the impacts of global climate change on bird migration and the foraging behavior of winter birds in Maine. He is also keenly interested in the dragonflies, damselflies, and butterflies of Maine.