Son of Monarchs

Belcourt Theatre Nashville, TN


Dr. Ali Taheri

Associate Professor, Tennessee State University

Son of Monarchs (Hijo de Monarcas)— Soyvolution: The CRISPR gene editing revolution in soybean improvement

Dr. Taheri discusses his role in utilizing CRISPR genome editing technology to improve the quality and yield of soybean plants—a vital crop used in many products such as tofu, soy milk, and cooking oil. This innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize soybean farming and improve the sustainability of the crop.

Belcourt Theatre Nashville, TN

Film Synopsis

A Mexican biologist's return from New York to his hometown near butterfly forests of Michoacán sparks a personal metamorphosis.

After his grandmother’s death, a Mexican biologist living in New York returns to his hometown, nestled in the majestic monarch butterfly forests of Michoacán. The journey forces him to confront past traumas and reflect on his hybrid identity, sparking a personal and spiritual metamorphosis.

About the Speaker

As an associate professor at Tennessee State University, Dr. Ali Taheri has dedicated his career to the field of plant molecular genetics. In 2009, he completed his PhD at the University of Guelph before embarking on a post-doctoral fellowship at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

In 2014, Dr. Taheri joined the faculty at Tennessee State University and began his research focused on enhancing soybean quality using a combination of conventional and advanced molecular techniques. Dr. Taheri is particularly interested in utilizing cutting-edge tools like CRISPR technology to engineer soybean varieties with improved traits such as enhanced yield, better disease resistance, and superior nutritional value.