Quantum cowboys sos

OxFilm Oxford, MS


Dr. Luca Bombelli

Theoretical Physicist

Quantum Cowboys— Quantum Realities

Particles of matter behave as if they are fuzzy objects that are nowhere in particular and can be in multiple places at once, until we look to see where they are. Some physicists think that this is because reality is made of all possible universes, which continuously branch out and reconnect at different times. Discuss all of this with theoretical physicist Luca Bombelli.

OxFilm Oxford, MS

Film Synopsis

Hapless drifters Frank and Bruno team up with Linde to recover her land and find an elusive frontier musician.

    In 1870s Arizona, a pair of drifters take a deep dive into a multiverse in which a dozen different mediums—including 16mm, paper cutouts, rotoscoping, handdrawn animation, oil paints, 8k video, collage, and digital animation—depict disparate realities.

    Photo credit: Swerve Pictures

    About the Speaker

    Luca Bombelli a theoretical physicist, and most of his work is in gravitational physics. He has worked on several classical aspects of gravity, studying properties of solutions of Einstein’s equations of General Relativity and the motion of bodies in curved spacetimes, including chaotic motion. Currently, most of his work is motivated by quantum gravity and the development of a theory of quantum spacetime.