Windshipped sos

Jon Bowermaster

Director and Producer


George Jackman, PhD

NYPD Lieutentant (Ret.); Ecologist

moderated by

Matt Kovner

Town of Olive (NY) Environmental Conservation Commission; Third Thursday Environmental Series Organizer

Windshipped— Protecting the environment: Windshipped and One Dam at a Time

With a focus on environmental science and renewable energy, these two documentaries will be paired with a conversation about crucial local environmental issues.

Windshipped (2022) will be paired with One Dam at a Time (2023), a local film that features Dr George Jackman and highlights the challenges and efforts to remove old, unused dams on creeks and streams running into the Hudson River. Removing these dams restores these waterways to the aquatic life that depends on them.

Rosendale Theatre Collective Rosendale, NY

Film Synopsis

What started as one man's quixotic dream has turned to reality.

    For the past three years, the 65-foot Schooner Apollonia has been delivering goods up and down the Hudson River by sail sans fossils fuels—a throwback to a day when there were 1200 such boats on the river each day. It turns out buyers prefer the non-polluting, anti-Amazon way of making deliveries.

    About the Speaker

    Jon Bowermaster has produced and directed more than 30 documentary films (including the two shown tonight) and written 11 books. He is a six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council and one of the Society’s “Ocean Heroes”. Over the course of 10 years, he and his teams brought back stories from the Aleutian Islands to French Polynesia. Currently, his One Ocean Media Foundation/Oceans 8 Films focuses on short films about the environmental risks to, and hopes for, the Hudson River Valley.

    After retiring from the New York City Police Department as a lieutenant, George Jackman earned his PhD in ecology, evolution, and behavior from the CUNY Graduate Center in conjunction with SUNY. He currently works on dam removal in the Hudson Valley and teaches as an adjunct professor at Queens College. Dr. Jackman’s research focuses on migratory fish.