Preparations to be together

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Dr. David E. Warren

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Sciences at UNMC

Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time— Holding feelings in one's hand: Neuroscience and neurosurgery

What happens when a master brain surgeon cannot trust her own mind? Dr. David Warren talks about the neuroscientific bases of "false" memories, the place of neuro-imaging in the current standing of neuroscience and surgery, and the connection between his domain of study and the matters of the "heart."

Film Streams Omaha, NE

Film Synopsis

A neurosurgeon falls in love, leaving her shining American career behind to start a new life.

    After 20 years in the United States, Marta, a 40-year-old Hungarian neurosurgeon, returns to Budapest for a romantic rendezvous with a fellow doctor she met at a conference. When the love of her life is nowhere to be seen, she tracks him down only to have the bewildered man claim the two have never met.

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    About the Speaker

    Dr. David E. Warren, PhD, a cognitive neuroscientist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Sciences at UNMC, whose lab studies memory and brain networks by combining neuropsychological and neuroimaging methods.