Coded Bias

Ragtag Cinema Columbia, MO


Scott Christianson

Associate Professor, University of Missouri Trulaske College of Business

Coded Bias— The learning machine

University of Missouri professor Scott Christianson examines the applications, ethics, and business of artificial intelligence, and the exponential pace of digital disruption.

Ragtag Cinema Columbia, MO

Film Synopsis

An exploration of the implications of MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini's startling discovery that racial bias is written into the code of facial recognition algorithms.

Modern society sits at the intersection of two crucial questions: What does it mean when artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly governs our liberties? And what are the consequences for the people AI is biased against? When MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini discovers that most facial-recognition software does not accurately identify darker-skinned faces and the faces of women, she delves into an investigation of widespread bias in algorithms. As it turns out, AI is not neutral, and women are leading the charge to ensure our civil rights are protected.

Image courtesy of Shalini Kantayya