Athens Ciné Athens, GA


Lewis Bartlett

Disease biologist, University of Georgia's Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases and the UGA Honey Bee lab


Dan Long

Owner of Brushwood Nursery, President of the Eastern Piedmont Beekeepers Association, and a Georgia Master Beekeeper

The Pollinators— One bee, two bee, dead bee, doomed bees?

A master beekeeper and a bee disease specialist explain the plight of honeybees in today's monoculture agriculture.

The screening is preceded by a reception celebrating the bee, including honey tastings, baklava and appetizers made with local honey, honey inspired cocktails, selfies with the Queen Bee on her throne.

Athens Ciné Athens, GA

Film Synopsis

Migratory beekeepers and their truckloads of honey bees travel the U.S. pollinating the flowers that become the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we eat.

Thousands of semi-trailers crisscross the country in the dead of night delivering goods through the darkness to stores, warehouses, and factories nationwide. But some of them carry an unsuspected and highly unusual cargo: honey bees. Tens of billions of them are transported back and forth from one end of the United States to the other in a unique annual migration that’s indispensable to the feeding of America. One out of every three bites we eat, the growth of almost all our fruits, nuts, and vegetables, would be impossible without pollination from bees. The Pollinators, directed by Peter Nelson presents their fascinating and untold story, and warns that the bees are in serious danger.