Enter the Dragon

Adam Heavrin

Instructor of Exercise Science, Franklin College

Enter the Dragon— A fistful of science: The kinesiology of throwing an effective punch

Kinesiologist Adam Heavrin unpacks the elements of knock-out punch.

Historic Artcraft Theatre Franklin, IN

Film Synopsis

A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using an invitation to a kung-fu tournament on the villain's private island as cover.

One of the most popular kung fu films ever, and perhaps the peak of the famed Bruce Lee's career, Enter the Dragon achieved success by presenting a series of superbly staged fighting sequences with a minimum of distractions. The story finds Lee as a martial-arts expert determined to help capture the narcotics dealer whose gang was responsible for his sister's death. This evil villain operates from a fortified island manned by a team of crack martial artists, who also host a kung fu competition. Lee uses his skills to enter the contest and then tries to chop, kick, and otherwise fight his way into the dealer's headquarters. The story is, of course, merely an excuse for showdown after showdown, featuring masterly fighting by Lee in a wide variety of martial arts styles. Essential viewing for martial arts fans, the film was also embraced by a larger audience, thanks to a fast pace and higher-than-usual production values. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

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