The  Blob 1958

Dawn R. Slack

Director of Stewardship, The Nature Conservancy; Indiana Invasives Initiative Project Coordinator, Souther Indiana Cooperative Invasives Management

The Blob— Going native: Our landscapes, our legacy

Invasive species management expert Dawn Slack discusses the impact of invasive plant species on our local environments and the role of our native plants in these ecosystems.

Historic Artcraft Theatre Franklin, IN

Film Synopsis

An alien lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows.

A cult classic of gooey greatness, The Blob follows the havoc wreaked on a small town by an outerspace monster with neither soul nor vertebrae. Teenager Steve (Steven McQueen) and his best girl, Jane (Aneta Corsaut), race to protect their hometown from a gelatinous alien life form that engulfs everything it touches. The first to discover the substance and live to tell about it, Steve and Jane witness the blob kill and grow to terrifying size. But no one else has seen the goo, and policeman Dave (Earl Rowe) refuses to believe the kids without proof. With strong performances and ingenious special effects, The Blob helped launch the careers of Steve McQueen and composer Burt Bacharach, whose bouncy title song is just one of this film’s many unexpected pleasures.