The State Theatre Modesto, CA


Anna Belle

Research Engineer in Neurotechnology and Chemical Sensing, Lawrence Livermore National Lab


Allison Yorita

Engineer in Neural Device Technology, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Adam— Giving the brain a voice

The human brain is composed of billions of cells that communicate through chemical and electrical signals. Microelectrodes can interface directly with the brain to allow us to monitor and manipulate the dynamics of these brain signals. Neurotechnology experts Anna Belle and Allison Yorita discuss how these arrays are micro-fabricated and their diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The State Theatre Modesto, CA

Film Synopsis

Adam, a lonely man with Asperger syndrome, develops a relationship with his upstairs neighbor Beth.

Adam Raki (Hugh Dancy) is an electronics engineer with Asperger syndrome who struggles to catch irony or sarcasm, to empathize, or to master simple social situations. When a young woman named Beth (Rose Byrne) moves into his apartment building, he does his best to reach out to her. Though she does not quite know how to react to Adam's unconventional overtures, she decides to give him a chance. But Beth’s family problems interfere with their budding romance, and may force them to end their relationship before it has a chance to begin.