The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon

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  • John Huston


  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Peter Lorre
  • Mary Astor

A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.

In this noir classic—widely considered to be the film that launched the genre and one of the best detective movies ever made—private investigator Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) and his partner get more than they bargained for when they take a case brought by the beautiful but secretive Miss Wonderly (Mary Astor). Trouble quickly follows her arrival: Sam's partner is murdered and Sam is accosted by a man (Peter Lorre) who demands that Sam locate a valuable statuette. Sam, entangled in a dangerous web of crime and intrigue, soon realizes he must find the one thing that everyone involved seems to want: the bejeweled Maltese falcon.

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