Secrets of the Sea (IMAX)

Secrets of the Sea (IMAX)

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  • Jonathan Bird
  • Howard Hall

A look at marine biodiversity and the many species that live and interact in the ocean.

    Prepare to meet some of the ocean’s strangest and most spectacular creatures in the new film Secrets of the Sea, narrated by Joelle Carter, for IMAX® and giant screen theaters! From adorable pygmy seahorses and opalescent squid, to manta rays, tiger sharks, a coconut octopus, and much more, Secrets of the Sea takes you face-to-face with an astonishing array of marine critters, showing the fascinating ways they interact with each other and their environment. Filmed in the Philippines, Mexico, Tahiti, Indonesia, Palau, Hawaii, California and other locations, and featuring more than 70 different marine species, Secrets of the Sea reveals the many wonders and mysteries of our ocean world and demonstrates the critical importance of marine biodiversity to keeping our oceans healthy.

    Photo credit: MacGillivray Freema

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