Overclockers (Polot)

Overclockers (Polot)

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  • Michal Wnuk


  • Maciej Musiałowski
  • Eryk Kulm
  • Tomasz Włosok

When his father dies in an accident, a young man decides to fix his family's financial situation by building an innovative airship with his friends.

Karol, a young aviator with a brilliant mind but limited means invents a next-generation zeppelin. Forming a partnership with his best friends from childhood and an enemy, Karol sacrifices everything to see his dream realized. But his exacting standards and a fundamental misunderstanding of his associates endanger the project, while his single-mindedness threatens his relationship with his girlfriend Justyna. Director/co-writer Michal Wnuk makes a buoyant feature debut with a drama that balances a portrait of stubborn ambition with the fascinating details of the object of his obsession. [SFFILM]

Banner image courtesy of SFFILM