My Robot Brother

My Robot Brother

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  • Frederik Meldal Nørgaard


  • Selma Iljazovski
  • Philip Elbech Andresen
  • Lars Brygmann

In the near future, all children have their own robot assistants. Eleven-year-old Alberte receives Konrad, the most lifelike robot ever seen, for her birthday, and she quickly begins to feel a real connection with him.

    The future is now in this hilarious vision of a slightly absurd high-tech world not far off from our own. There, robots serves as kids’ personal assistants, leaving adults to a life of leisure hanging (quite literally) around the house in body suits and VR headsets. It’s not a perfect world, especially for 12-year-old Alberte, whose sweet but super embarrassing android Robbi is the oldest model there is, lightyears behind the 15.0 version of all her classmates. So when she gets the perfect birthday present—Konrad, the newest humanoid that’s not even on the market—her popularity spikes and things start to look up. Konrad’s AI makes him slick and amazingly human-like, and loyal but bumbling Robbi gets shoved to the side. But can the connection between Alberte and Konrad hold up to a real friendship?

    Photo credit: Sola Media

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    AI and imaging

    New York International Children's Film Festival, New York, NY