Microplastic Madness

Microplastic Madness

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  • Atsuko Quirk
  • Debby Lee Cohen

Can 11 year-olds take on plastic pollution?

Fifth graders from Brooklyn spend two years leading a challenge against the pervasive use of plastics, asking probing questions about the local and global impacts on people, wildlife, and water systems. Using their own data to testify and rally City Hall, the young activists take action in their lunchroom to eliminate single-use plastic.

Documenting a citizen science project, Microplastic Madness features empowered city kids telling their own story of environmental activism with animated student artwork illustrating their findings. Following interviews and discussions with teachers, workers, community members and scientists about root causes and inequitable impacts of pollution, the kids take their rally to the streets to get the attention of lawmakers and politicians. Providing an essential educational platform for climate justice, Microplastic Madness is an all ages testimonial, an urgent message, and a refreshing wake up call that inspires individual change and collective accountability to the children who most clearly see our future. (Deb Girdwood)

Recommended for ages 9+

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