Sloan Foundation Film

Release Date



  • Su Rynard


  • Mimi Kuzyk
  • Peter Stebbings
  • Kristin Booth


  • Hamptons International Film Festival, 2005

As a child, Hope underwent an experimental heart operation that would forever link her with the man who aided the risky procedure by offering to act as a human extracorporeal circulatory system.

Kardia weaves fable, fiction, science, and metaphor to tell the story of Hope (Mimi Kuzyk), a pathologist who embarks on an usual journey of reconciliation. Hope discovers that the experimental heart operation she underwent as a child has mysteriously linked her life with another. To unlock the secret of her past, Hope revisits the curious tale of her childhood and explores the landscape of love, loss, and the human heart.

Possible Topics

  • Advances in open-heart surgery

Past Programs


Advances in open-heart surgery

Roxy Theater, Missoula, MT