Inventing Tomorrow

Inventing Tomorrow

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  • Laura Nix

Passionate teenage innovators from around the world create cutting-edge solutions to environmental threats.

Indonesia, India, Mexico, Hawaii, and many other countries, communities, and islands are rife with the ravages of environmental degradation. But hope comes with a surprising—and touching—group of young people. Meet six brilliant high school students as they prepare for the world's largest high school science competition: the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Inspired by the issues and problems they’ve witnessed in their own communities, these teens propose big ideas and ingenious solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. With unfettered minds and ambition, they descend upon Los Angeles to participate in ISEF and meet thousands of their peers from all over the world. Soon, a sense of global community forms, focused on making the world a better place.

Director Laura Nix trains her eye on her articulate and loveable subjects and goes beyond the notion of the nerdy whiz kid to create a complete portrait of engaged and inspired (and inspiring) youth. An artful and moving film, Inventing Tomorrow looks optimistically at the future through the passion and forward thinking of these exceptional teens. [Sundance Institute]

Photo courtesy of IQ190 Productions LLC

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