Another Earth

Another Earth

Sloan Foundation Film

Release Date



  • Mike Cahill


  • Brit Marling
  • William Mapother
  • Matthew-Lee Erlbach


  • Sundance Film Festival, 2011

On the night of the discovery of a duplicate Earth in the Solar System, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.

Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling), a bright young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, aspires to explore the cosmos. A brilliant composer, John Burroughs (William Mapother), has just reached the pinnacle of his profession and is about to have a second child with his loving wife (Meggan Lennon). On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate Earth, tragedy strikes and the lives of these strangers become irrevocably intertwined. Estranged from the world and the selves they once knew, the two outsiders begin an unlikely love affair and reawaken to life. But when Rhoda is presented with the chance of a lifetime to travel to the other Earth and embrace an alternative reality, she must make a difficult choice.

Possible Topics

  • Could parallel universes exist?
  • The movement of planets across the sky

Past Programs


Does your duplicate exist in a parallel universe?

The State Theatre, Modesto, CA


Science and Theory of Parallel Universes

The Little Theatre, Rochester, NY


Is anyone out there?

The Grand Cinema, Tacoma, WA


The Science of Parallel Universes & the Search for Extrasolar Planets

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, OR