Sloan Foundation Film

Release Date



  • Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar


  • Rachel Weisz
  • Max Minghella
  • Oscar Isaac


  • Hamptons International Film Festival, 2009

In Roman Egypt toward the end of the fourth century AD, a slave turns to the rising tide of Christianity in the hope of finding freedom while also falling in love with his master, the great female astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria.

In the fourth century AD, astronomer and philosopher Hypatia (Rachel Weisz) teaches her scientific beliefs to a class of male students. Among them is lovestruck slave Davus (Max Minghella), the equally smitten Orestes (Oscar Isaac), and a young Christian man named Synesius (Rupert Evans). Hypatia dismisses all of their advances, but this romantic drama pales in comparison to a rising battle between Christians and pagans on the streets of soon-to-be war-torn Alexandria.

Possible Topics

  • Astronomy concepts presented in the film
  • The role of women in science

Past Programs


Capturing Our Planet from Space

Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society and Gold Town Theater, Juneau, AK