A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time

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  • ​Errol Morris


  • Stephen Hawking
  • Isobel Hawking
  • Janet Humphrey

A film about the life and work of cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who, despite his near total paralysis, is one of the great minds of all time.

Errol Morris's documentary A Brief History of Time, based on the bestselling book of the same name, is an insightful portrait of the theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and superstar Stephen Hawking. Focusing both on his groundbreaking scientific research and on the crucial formative years of his extraordinary life, this film offers clever vignettes that illustrate some of his scientific concepts. It also tells the story of his life, his work, and his struggle with ALS, featuring interviews with his family and colleagues, as well as readings and reminiscences by Hawking himself.

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Cosmology, Particle Physics, and Quantum Gravity

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