April 10, 2020

PoW: Love lives of sea creatures

Museum of the Moving Image's Sonia Epstein picks her favorite event from our archive.

The grantee pick of the week for April 10 comes from Sonia Epstein, role at Astoria, New York's Museum of the Moving Image.

Sonia recommends the museum's 2017 program "Love lives of sea creatures," featuring episodes of Isabella Rossellini's GREEN PORNO series, the undersea films of French director and inventor Jean Painlevé, and Roberto Rossellini's first film, Fantasia Sottomarina, about a love affair between two fish.

Following the program, Sonia talked with Ms. Rossellini and venomous sea snail expert Prof. Mandë Holford of Hunter College about the films, the sexual habits of sea creatures, and how science is depicted on screen. See their conversation here:

Many episodes of Green Porno are available on the Sundance Channel's YouTube Channel (as are Rossellini's equally entertaining and informative series Seduce Me and Mamas). Check out her shrimp, squid, anchovy, and sea star episodes on our grantee recommendations playlist, along with excerpts from two Painlevé films featured in Sonia's program and Fantasia Sottomarina in full!