February 10, 2018

FilmScene announces programming for Science on Screen collaboration

“We’re thrilled to welcome this amazing program to Iowa City and FilmScene....Film is the perfect artistic match for the wonder and curiosity of scientific exploration.”

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February 4, 2018

Jack's Insights: Earl's rules provide common place guidelines for life

—Scottsbluff Star Herald Farm & Ranch

January 28, 2018

As technology advances, drones set to become a crucial tool in agriculture

—Scottsbluff Star Herald Farm & Ranch

January 26, 2018

Science on Screen combines drones and agriculture at the Midwest Theater

"This Science on Screen event will provide an opportunity ... to talk and think about possibilities and implications of how drones are used in our agricultural areas and in our communities.”

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January 19, 2018

Winter Arts Calendar 2018

—The Athens News

January 8, 2018

Science on Screen - Dawson City: Frozen Time

—Vineyard Gazette

November 29, 2017

Science on Screen Jr. - "Muppets from Space"


November 6, 2017

Science on Screen program kicks off at Midwest Theater Nov. 9

—Scottsbluff Star Herald